How to Enter Receipts with Varying Breakout Codes

Breakout Codes can be called funds and relate to general ledger entries. The Receipt Breakout table has a 10 character Breakout Code for the Fund Development, a 20 character account number and two 100 character descriptive fields.

A gift of $1000.00 can be allocated to multiple funds.  The only field not allocated to a fund is the Registration Amount (benefit portion of a ticket ...or in some cases GST) and it is accumulated separately on Batch Reports.

On the Batch Report total dollars is equal to all the individual breakout code dollar amounts plus the Registration Amount.

A donor may request their gift be distributed to several funds or Breakout Codes. As long as the total of the BO Code Amounts is equal to the Amount field on the left-hand side of the Receipt Maintenance window, all is good.

Breakout codes can be added or modified at any time, including after the gift is receipted or U2M is complete.

The donor's Profile Report shows their area of interest.

Donor Profile Report

The Batch Report displays all breakout code allocations.

Q-Xpress Export does not display Breakout Codes for Thank You letters as there would be numerous entries. This sample uses Receipting Amount Payment Method Date.