Family Members

You can record the names of family members for a donor or private contact through the Family tab on the Private Donor maintenance window.

@EASE lets you enter first name, last name, date of birth, relationship and current grade. An additional date field defined in the Lookup Tables as Family Event Date can be used to record important events such as convocation or baptism.

Family information appears on the Reports \ Donor Selections \ Donor Profile report when the Family box is checked.

To begin entry of an immediate family member, start by entering the individual's first name. The donor's last name automatically populates the last name for the newly entered relative. You can override the last name to reflect a blended family. Be sure to enter a relationship for this family member. Click the Save button on the Private Donor Maintenance window.

To enter another family member click the NEW button found at the bottom of the Family window.

Values for the Relationship pull-down menu are created in the Lookup Tables.  Relationships where individuals or companies exist as table entries in the database, they can be added through the Relationship tab found in the donor.

The Date of Birth field has a Q-Xpress selection so that you can send greetings the month a person has a birthday.

The selection by birth month is found under Private Donors. The Age and Relationship are provided, the Profile Description gives the name of the individual.

The field under Date of Birth can be used for any other important date. The field is defined through the Lookup Tables and it is called Family Event Date Desc.