The Achievements tab found on the Private Donor window is used to record academic achievements, professional achievements, community achievements and other successes.

There are four fields that comprise the Achievements area. They include:

  1. Achievement (Degree / Award)
  2. Major / Description
  3. Granting Institution
  4. Date

The first three fields use Lookup Tables to offer consistent data entry.

The Major / Description field may not be required.

For example:

Achievement: Paul Harris Fellow

Major / Desc: blank

Institution: Rotary International

Date: date of issue

To add an Achievement click the New button on the Achievement tab, enter the information and click the Save button on the Private Maintenance window.

To remove an Achievement, click on the desired 

The Donor Profile Report provides an option to print a donors' achievements.

The Q-Xpress Selection \ Donor Selections \ Donor by Achievement offers different options for selecting individuals with different types of achievement information.