Salutation Greeting

Salutations are used for Private donors and Corporate Contacts. Salutations can be added to the Salutation Look-up Table.

The Organizational Defaults Receipt tab lets you define a default Private and Corporate Greeting. These greetings are used when you do not know the first name of the donor or your do not have a proper salutation. The use of the default greeting value is indicated by selecting <default> in the Salutation field pull down menu.

The salutation value is used to populate the Greeting, ToWhom, and ToWhom2 fields found in the export file format.

Take careful note of the following information so that you get the results you want.

Example One: Pat Jones

Salutation Greeting Towhom / Towhom2
blank Pat Pat Jones
<default> Friend Pat Jones
Mr. Mr. Jones Mr. Pat Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Pat Jones
Example Two: John & Mary White
Salutation Greeting Towhom/Towhom2
blank John & Mary John & Mary White
<default> Friend John & Mary White
Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. White Mr. & Mrs. John & Mary White

The window below shows the Private and Corporate default Greeting values.