Separating Shared Donor Summaries

If you have Shared Donor Summaries that you have wanted to separate, you can remove donors from a Donor Summary Group.

For example:

Kate George (P000002) shares a Donor Summary with Robert Bell (P000005). You can remove or separate Kate's number P000002 and donations from Robert's P000005.

You cannot remove or separate Robert from Robert because Robert does not share with anyone. Please keep the rules in mind when you do this. We refer to Robert's record as the End Donor.

Here is another example:

Kate George (P000002) shares a donor summary with Robert Bell P000005. The two of them own a company, High Street Marketing which also donates.

High Street Marketing (C100002) shares a donor summary with Robert Bell.

If Robert and Kate decide to sell their marketing firm, you would separate High Street Marketing from Robert Bell. This would leave the marketing firm with its own donor summary, without affecting the Shared Donor Summary information for Kate and Robert.

You will find this utility under File \ System Maintenance \ Separate Donor Summaries.

Don't forget to modify the Recognized As value for individuals or organizations if they no longer share a donor summary record.

Strong Recommendation: Before you sit down and give this a try BACKUP YOUR DATABASE … No, we are not yelling … just emphasizing that being careful … is being wise.