How to Create a New Corporate Donor with a Contact.

The Corporate table in @EASE is for all other types of records which are not private individuals.

This includes corporations, small businesses, religious organizations, service clubs, unions, estates, media and more. 

We recommend identifying the corporate entity with a Quality like BUS: Financial ... or BUS: Retail. Segmenting by industry can be very useful when running different types of campaigns or engaging donors in third party activities.

These entities may have staff you need to contact and all of these individuals can and should be listed in @EASE. For each person entered at least one Quality value needs to be entered in the Contact Profile which identifies the role they play in helping the charity.

Where a contact is also a private donor, the Private Donor Link field. This information will display on the private donor's main window and can list on the Donor Profile Report.

Corporate records can have Other Offices which is useful where the head office exists in a city other than the one you are working in. We do not recommend using the Other Office feature for businesses like banks as they often work and give independently.

Setting up a Corporate record with a Contact

A client asked how to remove a contact. The contact in question was the individual named on the Corporate master record.

This is the response on how to remove a contact who is the key contact for an organization. Response