Merging Existing Donor Records

You may encounter situations where duplicate donors appear on the @EASE database.

We have provided a form you can use to collect the individual donor numbers of duplicate entries. The form called Recording Duplicate Donors Form (EaseRecordingDuplicateDonors.doc) can be found in your EaseKMS under the Forms folder. This is a pencil and paper form to record duplicate entries.

Merging implies moving all donation gifts to one donor and removing the donor record you no longer want to keep. When duplicates are found, take a moment and find out which donor record is most correct and most complete. Only the donations are merged all other information is lost.

Strong Recommendations:

  1. Make a backup of your database before entering any merges.

  2. Merges can be run when only one person is in @EASE.
  3. Do not run merges when you are tired, cranky or being pestered!

    Note the checkboxes that identify information about each donor.

  4. There is no undo feature which is the reason a back-up is necessary.

You can:

  • Merge a donor with another donor, even if the donor has a significant other.
  • Merge a donor with another donor even though that donor is part of a shared summary group.
  • Merge two independent donors.

You cannot:

  • Merge a couple that has a shared donor summary with another shared couple. This will generate a message.

Merge donor requires a Level One Security. To merge go to File \ System Maintenance \ Merge Donors and follow the prompts.