@EASE Security and Adding New @EASE Users

Only users with a user identification and password are allowed to access @EASE. To add new users, go to System Maintenance from the File Menu. An administrator can add new users, along with information about their access privileges through the User Maintenance section.

Administrator - Level 1

An @EASE Administrator can navigate the entire system and make changes in the following areas:

  • System Maintenance which includes User Maintenance, Lookup Table maintenance and Organizational Defaults.
  • Full year-end capability which includes building on-going pledges for the next calendar year and updating the fiscal year.

Data Entry - Level 2

  • Data Entry has the same functionality as the Administrator except access to any of the System Maintenance functions and the Year End menu.

Inquiry - Level 3

  • Inquiry has full access to all screens to view donor information, profiles and giving history.

Volunteer - Level 4

  • Volunteer has access to all donor information with the exception of the Donor Summary found in the Corporate and Private profile or any receipting information. Reports and Q-Xpress Selections are limited to listings and information selections targeted for volunteer information. A volunteer level user will know that a person or company has donated through the Supported Campaigns profile tab.  Volunteer level users cannot view Dickens entries from the other levels. However, other levels can view all Dickens entries.