Retention Report

The Retention Report only works by Fiscal Year. If a charity is in fiscal 2015, it will compare by campaign or by all campaigns if none is selected to identify a donor count of New donors or a tally of donors who last supported the charity by previous fiscal years.

There is a complementary Q-Xpress selection under Donor Selections which identifies each retention category using the Profile Description field. 

This report is not as simple as it sounds as it views each donor uniquely. For example, Mary Jones has donated for several years. Her significant other Bob Jones has never given until the current fiscal year.  Although they share a donor summary Bob is viewed as a new donor.  

Only campaigns of Donation Type - Donation is included in the report.

The current fiscal year for this charity is 2014. They are looking at how many donors overall have responded with a charitable donation in 2014 while looking at the last fiscal year the donor responded.

The report shows donors who have supported the charity whose last gifts were as early as fiscal 2000. 

The Retention Report can be run for specific campaigns, for example, a direct mail in the current year to determine who donated and when they last donated a charitable gift by fiscal year.

To confirm these numbers there is a Q-Xpress selection which uses the same criteria. The Profile Desc field on Q-Xpress View identifies the donors selected for this report. It is important to note that the report will be different than what is received for First Year Donated. The attached PDF provides further analysis on how the records were selected.

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