How to Set up a Significant Other Couple

A significant other couple could be a husband and wife who share the same surname but require separate profiles in @EASE.  One might be a volunteer and the other not.  Or they require their donation receipts in their own name.

Another situation might be a couple who have a same sex marriage or a couple who are common-law. 

The members of these couples can be shown as a Significant Other couple enabling mail or email communications to be sent once only identifying both members.

The Shared Donor Summary is useful to record total giving by a couple. Each party gifts and the Donor Summary shows an accumulated amount by Fiscal Year. 

For some couples, the addition of a Small Business or Private Foundation, will add to their overall gifting. Adding in a business or private foundation is dependent on the entities involved and who is actually doing the giving.

To record all members of a Shared Donor Summary the Relationship tab becomes useful particularly when identifying all members of the shared group.