Looking at the Batch Report

The Batch Report offers many useful features. It can be generated in a full report by date and batch number range, or it may be a summary within the range or a grand total report.

The Batch Report is a critical tool to ensure all data entry is correct before printing receipts or running U2M.

Features to Note:

  1. A Batch number range is required.
  2. Check boxes indicate what to display / sequence of the entry. Usually Payment Methods and Breakout Codes are adequate.
  3. The Receipt Date Range may not be required to view a complete set of entries found in a batch. If you are using a Friday batch number due to a limited entry, the date can be used to print only one day’s entry.
  4. Do not check any Campaign Type or Campaign Code Values
  5. Do not enter Campaign Year From and To
  6. Use the Full Report when checking data entry.
    1. The Summary Report will display only Batch totals.
    2. Grand Totals Only will display the overall total of one or more batches

To view, a report by Date Range such as one full year, use a batch range of 1 – all 9s. Enter the charity’s

fiscal year date range, select Grand Totals Only and click Preview.

Features to Note:

• The Total Amount shows Charitable and Non Charitable totals as well as an overall total.

• Charitable Gifts gives a count of the donations, a Computer receipt count and amount, and a Manual receipt count and amount.


All corrections must be done through the Receipt Maintenance window. Receipts in error can be selected by group using the Batch Number, by Receipt Date, by Donor Number, or by Amount.

All fields except the Donor Number can be modified. Once U2M or the gift is Receipted, only the Batch Number, Mailing List field, Letter field or Breakout Codes can be modified.

** Prior to a receipt being generated for the gift, even where U2M has been run, Receipt Required can be modified.

Where Breakout codes are added or modified, the Amounts in this area must add to the Amount field on the Receipt.

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