How to Find your Most Consistent Donors

@EASE manages donor records by fiscal year, tracking how much donors have given in charitable gifts as well as the count of gifts for each fiscal year.

This enables fund development the opportunity to find donors who have given over multiple years in each of those years or so many of those years.

Donors can be recognized for the longevity of their support which I think they would appreciate with a Thank You!

Planned Giving opportunities exist when donors who have gifted in a particular dollar range over a series of years are approached with the options and benefits.

This is an updated video of the same functionality with a new reporting feature.

Please note, the example output shows yearly donations outside the range we looked for but with enough dollars within the range so that these records were selected.

We looked for dollars given annually at least over 5 years in the range of $100 - $500. The year range was 2010 - 2018 or nine years. So within the 9 periods to be selected these donors must have given between 100 and 500 dollars five times.

Please note the new report option where the contents of Q-Xpress can be used.