Tutorial Listing for Charities with No Training Budget

It is unfortunate, but some charities have little or no budget for training. To assist those organizations we have included a series of suggested readings from our Tutorial List.

Please note, we believe training is important as untrained and unskilled staff managing a charity's most important asset, what it knows, is a recipe for disaster.

 Learning @EASE

It’s important to understand how @EASE works to be knowledgeable about how you can use the software to meet your needs. Here is some suggested reading from the Ease Tutorials that we consider important if you wish to contribute valuable data for the charity. 

Please note, all the tutorials add value to your ability to use the software effectively. This is a selection for new users. 

1. Year End … your fiscal year end needs to be run through the Year End menu of the program. There are two reports which tell you if your year balances. Under Reports in @EASE look at the Campaign Listing with Total Dollars as it needs to be run by Fiscal Year as well as by Receipt Date for the same period … if these two values match you are ready to move forward. If they do not match run the Incomplete Donation Handling report found under Donor Receipting as this will show you if you have any outstanding receipts to be posted or U2M. 

2. Read the section: @EASE: A Thoughtful Discussion on Data Management 

  • 2018 Create Consistency to Benefit Fund Development 
  • How @EASE Manages Donor Data 
  • Manipulating Your Data Managing Interactions and Content

3. Go through the Day One Review 

4. Go to Data Entry Tips to review How to Enter an Address in @EASE 

5. Read the section on Q-Xpress an Overview 

6. Read the section on Q-Xpress Selections 

7. Read Reports with @EASE and all sections 

8. Read the section on Private Donors … in particular how we hand significant others and shared donor summaries. 

9. Be sure to read the section on Campaign Maintenance: How to Setup Campaigns. What to Review from the @EASE Tutorials .

Our Third Party handling works very well and prevents clutter in your system. 

The section on In Memory and In Honour of … read it as well. 

10. The section on New Features is important as some of those features are only explored in these pages. 

11. If you accept gifts from United Way or Community Foundation there is a good method for recording these gifts found Receipt Handling Questions and Answers. 

12. Dickens is an invaluable tool to track contacts with donors, funding reports, presentations, media activity, third party announcements and more. 

Please remember Training is an Investment. It helps to ensure you know the decisions you are making are beneficial to the charity. Information is the most important asset they have in the pursuit to support their programs. None of the segments are lengthy so if you don’t have the budget for training, please invest the time to ensure you are doing the reasonable job, if not a good job, in managing the charity’s data. Once you leave, this will be your legacy. 

Please remember your Support Agreement states that support is not training. We always look forward to having you join us for in-house seminars at our Learning Centre or through webinars we provide. 

We hope this helps. 

Batsch Group Inc.