An introduction to Q-Xpress

Q-Xpress is used to create extractions for mailing or email lists. 

It is used to identify a group of donors through its many selections and assign values through the Assign window to selected records for reporting purposes.

Q-Xpress has the ability to globally assign and globally delete values found on donor records. 

The Preview option provides quick listings and the Filter option lets you isolate groups of records based on specific criteria.  When using the Preview, be sure to select the Printer first. Using a PDF printer can be useful to create a shareable output.

*** Q-Xpress Selections has a My Records pull-down. This should ALWAYS be set to My Records as the user may get other user data in their view.

As @EASE can have multiple users, each user has their own selection of records which they use to export, run Excludes options, and assign values to or list through Preview. Each user has My Records and they would NEVER use ALL Records as functions like Excludes and Assigns only address records for the current user signed in.

To learn more view the video.

Q-Xpress Format ... there may be new fields added.  View PDF