New Features 2018

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SQL  and the Azure Cloud

The Azure Cloud offers @EASE clients the opportunity to receive a generous credit through Microsoft’s Non Profit program. You can now convert your @EASE database to an SQL format which sits on the cloud and enables you to run from any location where WiFi is accessible.

Imagine, your data and all documentation relating to your donors accessible from any site.

Our technical team will offer support for the cloud to ensure the best possible functionality.

A secure version of @EASE will reside on your workstation or laptop. For clients who use a mobile tablet, we will extend their license to include a second install.

Contact us now and let us show you our site so we can demonstrate how effective this solution can be for your organization.

Important Notice for iATS Users

New C.V.V. Requirement for VISA

For clients using an iATS account for payments through @EASE a C.V.V. number is now required for all VISA payments. Please be sure to update your Pledge Master records and Recurring Gifts recorded through the iATS website.

PDF Receipts

Due to issues using Adobe Acrobat as a print tool for PDF receipts our intrepid development team found a better solution which has now been employed in this version of @EASE.  All documentation from the March 2018 update applies.  Version No Ease 3.5.2018.0607

Printing multiple PDF documents has been fully enabled.

Database Protection

We have added a check when @EASE is entered to ensure that all indexes are in good order.  The following message will appear at login if any problems are determined to exist. 

If this message appears, please do not open the program and contact us immediately.  We have had only one occurrence of this issue so, do not be alarmed.  It is our intent to continue to offer you a safe and reliable data management solution.


Constant Contact

Clients using Constant Contact will notice an improvement when uploading your list or records through the Q-Xpress