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Analyzing your Data: The Retention Report

Are you interested in knowing how many donors you are retaining from year to year, or donors who have regained an interest in giving?

The new Retention Report will provide you with a review of donors who have given a donation in the previous year, gave in the current year; those donors, who last gave a donation in a year previous to that, were reconstituted. New  donors will be reflected the Year column.

Please Note:

  •          This report analyzes gifts of Type Donation only.
  •          This report works for the CURRENT year only and will not work on prior years.
  •          You can run this report by campaign.  How many donors gave to your Direct Mail and which year did they last give a gift of type Donation.  
  •          The report can be run for an entire year where no campaign is selected but a broad year range is used to include all gifts received in the current year from various campaigns.

We hope you enjoy this report and the valuable information it offers.

In this request, we are looking at all donations by fiscal year, which were received in 2017.

The New Donor count may not be the same as the Q-Xpress New Donors selection as some of the gifts counted may have come from individuals or organizations which previously gave in different ways such as a sponsorship. This, however, would be the first actual donation received. Another anomaly occurs in the case of a shared donor group where the primary giving has been done by one donor and now the other individual or organization has given their first gift.

You can learn more about the Retention Report which has been documented and made available in the Ease Tutorials under Reports in @EASE. It is important to read this document as it addresses reconciling how the Retention Report identifies New Donors.

Q-Xpress Retention Selection

The criteria for this selection matches the criteria used for the report.

The records selected use the Profile Description field in Q-Xpress View to display Retention information for last year donated to a Donation Type campaign or as a New Donor giving a donation for the first time.

The Retention Report found in the Tutorials under Reports in @EASE provides further information.

QuikEase Questions

We added a more precise view of gifts over a given period. This shows a count and accumulated dollar value for all categories. Values below the line of 0’s are non-charitable. Values above provide charitable record information.

For your Protection

Recently we have had clients experience the effects of letting untrained users make decisions which undermine donor contributions and annual giving totals.

U2M (Update to Master) is an important @EASE feature that accumulates gifts to the appropriate area in donor’s Donor Summary by fiscal year.  Moving from one fiscal year to the next requires a couple of small steps to ensure donations accumulated by fiscal year = raw data for the same period.  The Year End menu which moves a charity from one year to the next ensures all donations within the year have been U2M.  Both the Year End date and Current Year values are updated when Year End \ Update Fiscal Year is run.

The fiscal year can also be changed in Organizational Defaults, an area for Administrator status. Where this status is given to untrained individuals, the year may be moved forward with no understanding of the impact or the problems it causes.  We have added two messages one for the Year End date and the other for the Current Year value warning that the date should NOT be modified.

We have left these fields open with only a warning as there are times when clients need to return to a previous year and Batsch Group is always available to assist to ensure all goes smoothly.

Tweaks … Client Requested and Other

  • 1.    The Postal Code field will no longer delete when you modify the spelling of a city, nor will it blank.  @EASE will look in the City table and where it finds a city name listing with a postal code it will populate the value otherwise leave the field for the user to modify.
  • 2.    When using Find in the Pledge the Last Modified Date will now show the Last Modified Date.
  • 3.    We have removed the Campaign checkbox from Yearly eReceipts. This has been disabled.
  • 4.    We have fixed the timing on QuikEase where a count of Private or Corporate donors was requested. This was very slow and it should now be very quick.
  • 5.    We have added a message on the Remove Inactives Report as it is working but takes time to evaluate all the records and without the message it has left users wondering if anything is being done.
  • 6.    We have added Deceased to the Q-Xpress view.
  • 7.    We have added T-Ref for table or team reference text to the Q-Xpress view. This field is used by Raise Funds with Ease the new online event system from @EASE. This field might also be used for special event table requests.
  • 8.    We have added a new version display for @EASE. This window shows the Database Version and the Date of the Update.
  • 9.    Q-Xpress \ Receipting Amount Payment Method Date
  • A new option has been added for the Mailing List field allowing for <Not Assigned> records.

Import Utility

  • 1.    You can now do a global assign to the Mailing List field.
  • 2.    We have added T-Ref which is a team reference field used by Raise Funds with Ease.
  • 3.    To address imported records where eReceipts are required a check box has been added to the Import Receipts window.
  • This feature only affects the receipts being imported and not the donor’s master record. The eReceipt field on the receipt record is checked.

Receipt Window Changes

  • 1.     The T-Ref field has been added. This field is used with RaiseFundsWithEase to identify Team members. A new Team Report is now available to report total dollars raised by a team, an individual accepting donations who is not part of a team and individual donors.
  • 2.    The Receipt Required field can be modified to change the receipt print status. For example a receipt is entered indicating a receipt is required where in fact it is not a donation needing a receipt. This field can now be modified and saved even where U2M has been run.

Shared Outlook Calendars

Clients who use an Exchange Server can now define a shared calendar in Outlook. This will help with need to know information, particularly for members of a team who do not have access to @EASE.

New Reports

Please Note: The number of report by section is getting lengthy. To retrieve the Donor Selections and Volunteer Reports, click one of the other selections above Donor Receipting to toggle the lists and show all available options.

New Lottery Ticket Confirmation Report

A new Lottery Ticket Confirmation Report has been added.  We are using the Email area found the Campaign Profile to provide ticket purchaser information. This is a printed report. Please note the text area is not terribly long so please be succinct.

We facilitated this report through the Email portal because of the issue of multiple numbers

The Email Subject is used as a title area.

The ticket numbers are listed and finally the Email Body is printed.

There is a limited amount of text so we recommend testing this report carefully.

Where a special logo is wanted, Organizational Defaults \ Receipt Tab can be modified temporarily to facilitate a lottery logo.

The Team Report

Raise Funds with Ease is the newest addition to the @EASE group of services. It provides clients the opportunity to run participant based events with ease and confidence. Data is seamless imported into the @EASE database with much less effort than other applications require.

The Team Report shows the results of the event by Team, by Individual or from donations where no team or individual is selected.

In the report above, the Georgettes team had two team members, Kate George and Robert Bell. Both members received gifts from donors. One donor chose to give to the team but not a specific team member.

In the case of Kelly Crombie, she was an individual who sourced donations on her behalf with no team other than herself being a member.

The final area ‘No Team Name’ was for gifts given on behalf of the event and not on behalf of any specific person or team. This report works with RaiseFundsWithEase, the @EASE on-line Participant /Event system.

Raise Funds with Ease

RaiseFundsWithEase.ORG is a site to showcase the different features available. Working with Donate Now, clients can run events with participants fundraising on their behalf. Seamless imports and eReceipt management makes this a worthy system for @EASE clients.