New Features 2015


Campaign Master Identifies Volunteer Hours Only

  • The Campaign Master window display changes to Donation Type.
  • Participation is now Volunteer Hours Only. 
  • Marketing has been changed to Sponsorship.
  • This does not affect anything done previously, it simply clarifies how the data is handled.

Receipt Window enables Multiple Ticket Sales

  • Ticket Sales – you can now enter all tickets sold through a new feature in the ticket sales window when a campaign is defined for tickets.
  • Tutorials have been added under the title  Tickets Sales Lottery or Gala.

 New Find Option for Private and Corporate Records

  • New search feature in Private and Corporate FIND … now you can search by PO Box.
  • When search for a Box address we recommend using *number*.

New Q-Xpress Selection for Multiple Ticket Sales

  • New Q-Xpress Selection for individuals or corporations who purchase multiple tickets, each ticket will be exported as its own record with the appropriate ticket number.
  • The Q-Xpress output file created can be sorted by Ticket number or Fundraising Number & Ticket Number using the Sort option on the right hand menu.
  • The price paid for multiple ticket purchases displays on the primary ticket.

Note the price shown on Number 1 followed by the 2 additionally purchased tickets with an amount of $0.00.

QuikEase Questions: New

  • QuikEase Questions: New Additions
  • a.       How many Receipt Records do we have?
  •            i.      Shows total records, charitable, non-charitable and void
  • b.      Ask how many corporate contact records are in @EASE.
  • c.       How many gifts did we receive in a given date range?  
  •            i.      Shows total charitable and non-charitable and total records
  • d.      Total donations to be receipted.
  •            i.      Shows a count of what will be receipted and the dollar amount.

Yearly Receipts and eReceipts by Campaign or by Year

  • Yearly Receipts and eReceipts: The ability to generate one Receipt for all yearly transactions regardless of campaign and assign one receipt number. A general thank you message has been added to Organizational Defaults which can be modified for each year.
  • A check box has been added to the Yearly Receipts and eReceipts window.
  • By Campaign checked is the default value. When unchecked all yearly receipts for a given donor will be accumulated to provide a single receipt.
  • Organizational Defaults under System Maintenance has a Yearly Receipt Message field that can be modified by the user to provide a thank you message on this type of receipt only.
  • When the Campaign box is unchecked the following message appears to ensure a single yearly receipt regardless of campaign is requested.