CSV Import File Format

A CSV format uses Data Mapping to identify which fields are being imported.  Not all fields available are required so it offers a flexible option.  The CSV input file can have more data than @EASE will import which also makes it an interesting opportunity.

Important Note:  If you are importing something like your contact list where a company has more than one contact showing … you need to import each company first to acquire a unique number, followed by importing the remaining contacts.  We have tested this with our @EASE client list and it works very well.  If you are planning to try this … contact us and we can assist you to get you on the right track.

The City value is a required field.  It may not have any validity but currently it is required and cannot be blank.

If a Last or First name is given, then the First or Last name is required.  Where there is no first name, a Salutation must be given.

A first and last name is assumed the Contact person, where a company name is given and the record is presumed Corporate.

Where no phone type is given, if the record is private, Home is used. If the record is corporate, Business is used.

Values for the Salutation and Payment Method must be the same as those found in the Lookup Tables.

When importing from a spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet in CSV format first.  All columns will show in the CSV format even if they may have been hidden in the spreadsheet.

The first row of your CSV file (created or modified in Excel) must have the mapping field names added.  We recommend using field names that are the same as the @EASE Data Mapping Field names to facilitate the mapping process.

Once a CSV file has been created, we recommend opening it with Notepad.  Go to the end of the file to ensure that no blank lines exist.  Use the Backspace button to remove all blank fields or carriage return characters.

Importing Gift Information

When importing gift information be sure to include a field called Charitable and use either a Yes or No value for all gifts.

A Payment Method must accompany the information and it must be a valid value coded the same as it is found in the Payment Method Lookup Table in @EASE.

Dates can be an issue and where a Receipt Number is imported the date must be valid.  Dates can be entered manually, but importing the value is better. 

In some instances a spreadsheet, if used to create the import data can look at some fields as text and others as numeric.  This is a Microsoft problem and not one we can deal with.

Assigning Campaigns and Qualities

To assign a campaign, the campaign must be created while with import window is Closed.

To assign a quality, the quality value must be created which the import window is Closed.


Donor names must be imported before Qualities can be assigned and imported … or campaigns assigned and imported.

When importing would on small sections of records as larger groups can cause a locking problem.

Please view the Importing training tutorial for further information.

Data Mapping Fields Required Fields Import Specifications
Fundraising Number Only used when existing data is exported and re-imported
Donor First Name 25 chars
Donor Middle Name 25 chars
Donor Last Name * 25 chars
Donor Salutation See your @EASE Salutation table entries for compatibility.
Company Name * 50 chars
Link Field 50 chars  updated Sept 2012
Contact Title 40 chars
*** No unnecessary punctuation should be placed in the Import address fields.  See your @EASE Documentation on Addresses for further information.
Address Type PRIME
Optional Information 50 chars
Apartment No 10 chars   
Building No 10 chars
Building Name 40 chars
Street Name 40 chars
PO Box 50 chars
City * 30 chars  *** Required Field
Country 20 chars
Postal/Zip Code 10 chars  for US include – character for 9 character zip  For Canadian include space between first 3 and last 3 characters
Phone 1 Phone Type 10 chars… should be the same as Phone Type table.  If left blank, Home is used for Private imports and Business for Corporate imports.
Phone 1 Area Code 3 chars
Phone 1 Phone Number 7 chars   Please Note: This field can be 10 chars … ie 7805559000 … (780) 555-9000 would also be acceptable
Phone 1 Extension 6 chars
Email Type 10 chars … values should be the same as the @EASE Email Type table.  If left blank, Email is used.
Primary Email Address 100 chars
Campaign Desc Text value requires a global assign to @EASE Campaigns
Text field requires a global assign or defaults to the campaign value
Receipt Date Text   month/day /year ie  12/31/2010
Receipt Number Numeric 11 digits
Charitable * Yes or No
Ticket Number Numeric 5 numbers
Mailing List 50 chars
Receipt Message 255 chars
Amount Numeric 10 characters do not include $ or , … must be in 0.00 format
Payment Method Must be the same as Payment Method Table values
Breakout Desc If not entered this will default to the value in the Campaign. Text value can receive a global assign.
Assigned Acquired By FND Number If not entered this can be assigned to based on the Acquired By Name. The number needs to exist as a fundraising number in @EASE and can be private or corporate.
Acquired By Text field imported to identify who acquired the donation
Is Pledge Yes or No
Pledge Count 1 – 99
Pledge Interval Value must match Pledge Interval values found on the Pledge master record
Pledge Start Date Date
Credit Card Name 100 chars
Expiry Date Mmyy 4 chars
Account Number Account number validated by web input screen
Donor Quality Text field. This field is descriptive and  is assigned to.
Contact Quality Text field. This field is descriptive and  is assigned to.